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State and County Fairs by Beginning Date
August 25-27

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2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Butte County Fair Gridley CA
25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 North Idaho Fair & Rodeo Coeur d'Alene ID
25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Bureau County Fair Princeton IL

2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Will County Fair Peotone IL
2010 25-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Morgan County Agricultural West Liberty KY
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Luce-West Mackinac County Fair Newberry MI
2010 25-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Oceana County Agricultural Hart County: Oceana MI
2010 25-Aug-10 to 30-Aug-10 Haywood County Fair Waynesville NC
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Hunterdon County 4-H & Ag Fair Flemington NJ
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Catron County Fair Reserve NM
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Nevada Wild West Fair Reno  NV
2010 25-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Canadian County Free Fair El Reno OK
2010 25-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Stephens County Fair Duncan  OK
2010 25-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Grant County Fair John Day OR
2010 25-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Hickman County Fair Centerville TN
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Sanpete County Fair Manti  UT
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Caledonia County Fair Lyndonville  VT
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Kitsap County Fair & Stampede Bremerton  WA
2010 25-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Pacific County Fair Menlo WA
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Waupaca County Fair Weyauwega  WI
2010 25-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Tucker County Fair Parson  WV

2010 26-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Alaska State Fair Palmer AK
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Brooklyn Fair Brooklyn County: Windham CT
2010 26-Aug-10 to 30-Aug-10 Kauai County Farm Bureau Lihue  HI
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Cummington Fair Cummington  MA
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Acton Fair Acton County: York ME
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Piscataquis Valley Fair Dover-Foxcroft ME
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Houghton County Fair Hancock  MI
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Kalkaska County Agricultural Fair Kalkaska  MI
2010 26-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Minnesota State Fair St Paul MN
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Lake of the Woods County Fair Baudette MN
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10  Mahnomen County Fair Mahnomen  MN
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Traverse County Fair Wheaton MN
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Eastern Montana Fair Miles City County: Custer MT
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Jefferson County Fair & Rodeo Boulder  MT
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Lincoln County Fair Eureka MT
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Ransom County Fair Lisbon  ND

2010 26-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Hidalgo County Fair Lordsburg NM

2010 26-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Great New York State Fair Syracuse NY
2010 26-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Grady County Fair Chickasha OK
2010 26-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Logan County Fair Guthrie  OK
2010 August 2009 26-Aug-09 to 28-Aug-09 Love County Fair Marietta OK
2010 26-Aug-10 to 02-Sep-10 Centre County Grange Fair Centre  PA
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Gillespie County Fair &Festival Assoc Fredericksburg  TX
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Carroll County Fair Hillsville  VA
2010 26-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Evergreen State Fair Monroe County: Snohomish WA
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Northeast Washington Fair Colville County: Stevens WA
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 North Central Washington District Fair  Waterville County: Douglas WA
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Lincoln County Fair Davenport  WA
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Bayfield County Fair Iron River WI
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Burnett County Fair Grantsburg  WI
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Marinette County Fair Wausaukee WI
2010 26-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Oconto County Fair Gilett  WI

2010 27-Aug-10 to 04-Sep-10 Nevada County Fair Prescott AR
27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Trinity County Fair Hayfork  CA
27-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Colorado State Fair Pueblo County: Pueblo CO
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Chester Fair Chester  CT
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Terryville Country Fair Terryville  CT
27-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Duquoin State Fair DuQuoin County: Jackson IL
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Worcester County 4-H Fair Spencer  MA
2010 27-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Maryland State Fair Timonium  MD
2010 27-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Schoolcraft County Fair Manistique MI
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 SW St Louis County Fair Floodwood  MN
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Wibaux County Fair Wibaux  MT
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Keya Paha County Fair Norden NE
2010 27-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Nebraska State Fair Lincoln NE
2010 27-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Oklahoma County Free Fair Oklahoma City  OK

2010 27-Aug-09 to 29-Aug-09 Washington County Free Fair Dewey OK

2010 27-Aug-10 to 06-Sep-10 Oregon State Fair Salem County: OR
2010 27-Aug-10 to 28-Aug-10 Fisher County Fair & Rodeo Roby  TX
2010 27-Aug-10 to 04-Sep-10 Chesterfield County Fair Chesterfield  VA
2010 27-Aug-10 to 04-Sep-10 Shenandoah County Fair Woodstock  VA
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Bondville Fair Bondville County: VT
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Florence County Fair Florence WI
2010 27-Aug-10 to 29-Aug-10 Appalachian Festival Beckley  County: Raleigh  WV

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