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State and County Fairs by Beginning Date 2010
June 17-30

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2010 17-Jun-10 to 20-Jun-10 El Dorado County Fair Placerville CA
2010 17-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Shelby County Fair & Horse Show Shelbyville KY

2010 17-Jun-10 to 20-Jun-10 Hennepin County Fair Corcoran MN
2010 17-Jun-10 to 20-Jun-10 Pulaski County Regional Fair St Robert MO

2010 17-Jun-10 to 19-Jun-10 Cedar County Youth Fair Stockton  MO
2010 17-Jun-09 to 20-Jun-09 Bottineau County Fair Bottineau  ND

2010 17-Jun-10 to 05-Jul-10 State Fair Meadowlands East Rutherford County: NJ

2010 18-Jun-10 to 20-Jun-10 Big Four Fair Postville County: Allamakee IA
2010 18-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Perry County Fair Pinckneyville  IL

2010 18-Jun-10 to 25-Jun-10 Vermilion County Fair Cayuga  IN

2010 18-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Franklin-Simpson County Fair Franklin KY
2010 18-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Clinton County Fair Plattsburg  MO

2010 18-Jun-10 to 20-Jun-10 Divide County Fair Crosby ND
2010 18-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Northeast Fair Pitttston Twp County: Luzerne PA
2010 18-Jun-10 to 19-Jun-10 San Saba Rodeo San Saba TX

2010 19-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Blackford County Fair Hartford City IN
2010 19-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Daviess County Fair Elnora  IN

2010 19-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Wayne County Fair Richmond  IN
2010 19-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Lawrenceburg Fair & Horse Show Lawrenceburg County: Anderson KY
2010 19-Jun-10 to 20-Jun-10 Burke County Fair Flaxton  ND

2010 19-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Pickaway County Fair Circleville  OH

2010 20-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Grant County 4-H Fair Marion IN

2010 20-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Rush County Fair Rushville  IN
2010 20-Jun- to 26-Jun-10 Monroe County Fair Tompkinsville KY

2010 20-Jun- to 26-Jun-10 Gratiot Ag Expo Ithaca  MI

2010 21-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Dearborn County 4-H & Community Fair Lawrenceburg  IN
21-Jun-10 to 25-Jun-10 Miami County 4-H Fair Peru  IN
2010 21-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Bourbon County Fair & Horse Show Paris  KY

2010 21-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Gallatin County Fair Warsaw KY
2010 21-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Garrard County Fair Lancaster KY

2010 21-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Union County Fair Sturgis  KY

2010 21-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 McCracken County Fair Paducah  KY
2010 21-Jan-10 to 23-Jan-10 St Mary Parish Fair & Livestock Show Franklin  LA

2010 21-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Trimble County Fair Bedford  KY

2010 22-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Kiwanis Fair of Blue Ridge Blue Ridge County: Fannin GA
22-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Mighty Howard County Fair Cresco  IA
2010 22-Jun-10 to 28-Jun-10 Greater Jefferson County Fair Fairfield  IA

2010 22-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Piatt County Junior Fair Cerro Gordo IL

2010 22-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Henry County 4-H Fair Cambridge  IL
2010 22-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Scott County Kiwanis Fair Georgetown KY
2010 22-Jun-10 to 24-Jun-10Scotland County Fair Memphis MO
2010 22-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Upper Missouri Valley Fair Wiliston County: Williams ND
2010 22-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Putnam County Fair Ottawa OH

2010 23-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Solano County Fair Vallejo CA

2010 23-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Butler County Fair Allison  IA

2010 23-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Worth County Fair Northwood IA

2010 23-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Montgomery County Fair Butler  IL

2010 23-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Western Illinois Fair Griggsville County: Pike IL
2010 23-Jun-10 to 24-Jun-10 Todd County Fair Elkton  KY
2010 23-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Norman County Fair Ada County: Norman MN
2010 June? 2009 23-Jun-09 to 27-Jun-09 Andrew County Fair Savannah MO
2010 23-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Dallas County Fair & Junior Livestock Fair   Buffalo  MO
2010 23-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Teton County 4-H Fair Choteau  MT
2010 23-Jun-09 to 24-Jun-09 Ramsey County Achievement Days Devils Lake  ND
2010 23-Jun-10 to 25-Jun-10 Pepin County Jr Fair Arkansaw  WI

2010 24-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Placer County Fair Roseville CA
2010 24-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Presque Isle County Fair Millersburg  MI
24-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Red Lake County Fair Oklee  MN

2010 24-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 Polk County Junior Livestock Show & Fair Bolivar MO
2010 June?  2009 24-Jun-09 to 27-Jun-09 Delta Fair & Hot Air Balloon Festival  Greenville  County: Washington  MS

2010 24-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Mercer County Fair Beulah ND

2010 24-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Wells County Fair Fessenden ND
2010  24-Jun-10 to 26-Jun-10 James City County Fair Toano VA


2010 25-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Mother Lode Fair/Tuolumne County Fair  Sonora  CA
2010 25-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Wayne County Fair Monticello  KY
2010 25-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Morrison County Fair Motley  MN

2010 25-Jun-10 to 04-Jul-10 Roughrider Days Fair & Expo Dickinson County: Billings, Starks ND
2010 25-Jun-10 to 27-Jun-10 Southern Rhode Island 4-H Washington County: Washington RI


2010 26-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Henry County Fair New Castle  KY

2010 27-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Jasper County Fair Newton IL

2010 27-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Jennings County 4-H Fair North Vernon  IN

28-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Shelby County Fair Shelbyville  IN
2010 28-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Estill County Fair Irvine KY
28-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Hart County Fair Munfordville  KY

2010 28-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Marion County Fair Lebanon KY

2010 28-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Lincoln County Fair Stanford  KY
2010 28-Jun-10 to 04-Jul-10 Marion County Fair Marion OH
2010 28-Jun-10 to 30-Jun-10 Jones County Achievement Murdo SD

2010 29-Jun-10 to 04-Jul-10 Schuyler County Fair Rushville  IL
2010 29-Jun-10 to 03-Jul-10 Tri County Fair Richland County: Camden, Laclede, Pulaski  MO
2010 29-Jun-10 to 04-Jul-10 Trumbull County Fair Cortland  OH

2010 30-Jun-10 to 04-Jul-10 Grundy County Fair Morris  IL
2010 30-Jun-10 to 11-Jul-10 Brockton-Middleboro Fair Brocton MA
2010 30-Jun-10 to 04-Jul-10 Polk County Fair Fertile  MN

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