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State and County Fairs by Beginning Date 
September 17-20

Do you mostly want to know WHERE fairs are? Want more details (like town, phone or web address?  Click here for our STATE directory Fairs by Date pages: Click Here for County Fair Index Page Do you mostly want to know WHERE fairs are? Want more details (like town, phone or web address?  Click here for our STATE directory

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2010 17-Sep-10 to 26-Sep-10 Four States Fair & Rodeo Texarkana County: Miller AR
2010 17-Sep-10 to 19-Sep-10 Santa Cruz County Fair Sonoita AZ
2010 17-Sep-10 to 19-Sep-10 Mendocino County Fair & Apple Show Boonville  CA
2010 17-Sep-10 to 19-Sep-10 Guilford Fair Guilford  CT
2010 17-Sep-10 to 20-Sep-10 Robertson County Farm Bureau Ag Fair  Mount Olivet  KY
2010 17-Sep-10 to 03-Oct-10 Eastern States Exposition West Springfield   MA
2010 17-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Great Frederick Fair Frederick County: Frederick MD
2010 17-Sep-10 to 19-Sep-10 New Portland Lions Fair North Portland  ME
2010 17-Sep-10 to 26-Sep-10 Rochester Fair Rochester County: Strafford NH
2010 17-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Tri-State Fair Amarillo TX
2010 17-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Danville-Pittsylvania County Ringgold VA
2010 17-Sep-10 to 18-Sep-10 New Kent County Fair Quinton VA
2010 17-Sep-2010 to 19-Sep-10 Garfield County Fair Pomeroy  WA
2010 17-Sep-10 to 19-Sep-10 Hancock County Oldtime Fair New Cumberland WV

2010 18-Sep-10 to 22-Sep-10 Benton County Fair Bentonville AR
18-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Delaware County fair Delaware OH
2010 18-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Coffee County Fair Manchester TN
2010 18-Sep-10 to 20-Sep-10 Medina County Fair Hondo  TX
2010 18-Sep-10 to Pleasants County Agricultural Youth Fair Saint Mary's WV

2010 19-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Farmington Fair Farmington ME
2010 19-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 St Joseph County Grange Fair Centreville  MI
2010 19-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Ashland County Fair Ashland OH
2010 19-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Gratz Fair Gratz County: Dauphin PA
2010 19-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Beaver Community Fair Beaver Falls County: Snyder PA
2010 19-Sep-10 to 26-Sep-10 Burleson County Fair Caldwell  TX
2010 19-Sep-10 to 24-Sep-10 Patrick County Agricultural Stuart County: Patrick VA

2010 20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Shelby County Fair Columbiana AL
2010 20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 NW Arkansas District Fair Harrison County: Boone AR
2010 20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Calhoun County Fair Hampton  AR
2010 20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Drew County Fair Monticello  AR
2010 20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Grant County Fair & Livestock Show  Sheridan AR
2010 20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Davidson County Ag Fair Lexington NC
2010 20-Sep-10 to 29-Sep-10 Lenoir County Fair Kinston NC
20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 Rowan County Fair Salisbury  NC
2010 20-Sep-10 to 26-Sep-10 Tuscarawas County Fair Dover OH
20-Sep-10 to 25-Sep-10 McNairy County Fair Selmer  TN

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