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Parks - Arkansas Marks' Mills - Nimrod

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  Marks' Mills SP  State Museum Park                  AR DP&T           888 AT-PARKS
Fordyce  AR
one of the Red River campaign sites commemorating Civil War conflicts

  Millwood Lake  US Army Corps of Engineers     USACE


  1528 HWY 32 EAST

  Ashdown    AR  71822-9716

    26,000 acres of submerged timber and an average depth of only 7

    ft provide excellent year-round fishing. The uniquely scenic

    Millwood Lake area is as much birder's paradise as fisherman's.  It is widely regarded as one of the best birding sites in Arkansas

  Millwood SP  State Park                                      AR DP&T
e-mail       870 898-2800
1564 Highway 32 East
Ashdown  AR    71822
bass fishing haven also features crappie, catfish & bream

  Moro Bay SP  State Park           AR DP&T
e-mail       870 463-8555
6071 Highway  600
Jersey  AR    71651
fishing & water sports  

  Mount Magazine SP  State Park              AR DP&T
e-mail       479 963-8502
16878 Highway 309
Paris  AR    72855
located in Ozark National Forest on a mountain top

  Mount Magazine WMA  Wildlife Management Area             AR G&FC         877 478-1043
  Logan County      AR

  Mount Nebo SP  State Park                  AR DP&T
e-mail       479 229-3655
#1 State Park Drive
Dardanelle  AR    72834
mountain resort

  Muddy Creek WMA  Wildlife Management Area             AR G&FC    877 967-7577
  Mt Ida    AR        150000 acres    


  Murray Lock And Dam - Ark.Riv.Nav.Sys US Army Corps of Engineers USACE


  6298 HWY 60 WEST

  CONWAY  AR  72032-2032

    The Arkansas River is one of the Mississippi's largest tributaries. It  flows 1,450 miles from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, through

    the Royal Gorge, on through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to  its confluence with the Mississippi River.


  Nimrod Lake  US Army Corps of Engineers         USACE



  3 HWY 7 South

  Plainview   AR  72857-9600

    A hunting and fishing paradise, Nimrod offers largemouth bass,

    channel cat, crappie and bream.  The project includes a duck

    hunting area, wildlife refuge, and goose sanctuary.  Food and cover  plots have been developed for quail.


  Nelson Park  City Park    Agency: Byltheville
870 762-0476
Blytheville  AR
Last Update  6 /2 /2006

  Nimrod WMA  Wildlife Management Area                      AR G&FC            877 478-1043
  Yell County         AR





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