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Progress!  We've found an Internet address for over  95% of al the State and National Parks, and most state forests and wildlife areas,  and we're adding address and contact information daily.  We're working to add  more statue and national Forests, Preserves, and Wildlife Management information (and other federal lands, like BLM and Corps of Engineers)  Details for each park remain in the future.  If you know about a property, we'll consider adding your description of up to 50 words.  We're unable to pay for this, but will gladly give authorship credit. Just drop us an e-mail.  And please, we always want to know if we've provided incorrect information, so let us know..  

Parks Kansas Jamestown - Lyon



  Jamestown WA  Wildlife Area                         KS DW&P
Jamestown   KS
3239 acres
Last Update    4 /15/2004

  Jeffrey Energy Center-Hanlick WA  Wildlife Area              KS DW&P
St Marys       KS
  6900 acres
Last Update    4 /16/2004

  Jewell SFL & WA  Wildlife Area              KS DW&P
Mankato      KS
 165 acres
Last Update    4 /16/2004

  John Redmond Reservoir           US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE



  BURLINGTON  KS  66839-8911

    Sightseers will enjoy the Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge.  Enjoy

    wandering old Indian grounds. Visit the web site for more

    information about this and other Tulsa District lakes.

  John Redmond WA  Wildlife Area                             KS DW&P
Burlington   KS
1472 acres
Last Update    4 /16/2004

  Kanopolis SP  State Park             KS DW&P
785 546-2565
200 Horsethief Road
Marquette  KS     67464
22000 acres
Last Update    3 /17/2004

  Kanopolis Lake            US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE




  Marquette  KS  67464-7464

    The nearby Fort Harker Museum at Kanopolis and the Rogers Art

    Gallery and Museum at Ellsworth portray the settlement of the

    American West.  Kanopolis is also the home of Kansas' first State  park.  Early Indian rock carvings on Inscription Rock

  Kansas State Parks  State Agency          KS DW&P
785 296-2281
1020 S Kansas
Topeka   KS     66612

  Kaw WA  Wildlife Area                           KS DW&P
Arkansas City     KS
  4341 acres
Last Update    4 /16/2004

  Keith Sebelius Reservoir           Bureau of Reclamation   BOR


  KS Dept. Wildlife & Parks

  Prairie Dog State Park/Norton Wildlife Area
  Box 431

  Norton   KS  67654

Norton Dam and Keith Sebelius Reservoir are features of the PSMBP-Almena Unit. The reservoir is open 24 hour

  Kingman SFL & Byron Walker WA  Wildlife Area              KS DW&P
Kingman     KS
  4043 acres
Last Update    4 /16/2004

  Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge   Fish and Wildlife Service FWS  e-mail


  702 East Xavier Road

  Kirwin  KS  67644

    Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was established in 1954 for

    the conservation, maintenance, and management of wildlife

    resources, particularly migratory birds.


  Kirwin Reservoir            Bureau of Reclamation    BOR


  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

  Rt. 1, Box 103

  Kirwin  KS  67644

    Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), the first national wildlife

    refuge in Kansas, was established in 1954 as an overlay project on  a Bureau of Reclamation irrigation and flood control reservoir.

La Cygne Lake & WA  Wildlife Area                   KS DW&P
La Cygne     KS
  4600 acres
Last Update    4 /16/2004

  Lane WA  Wildlife Area                          KS DW&P
Dighton  KS
  42 acres                                                Last Update    7 /13/2004

  Leavenworth SFL & WA  Wildlife Area                     KS DW&P
Tonganoxie    KS
  200 acres                                   Last Update    7 /13/2004

  Logan SFL  & WA  Wildlife Area                       KS DW&P
Winona    KS
  271 acres                                          Last Update    7 /13/2004

  Louisburg - Middle Creek SFL  Wildlife Area              KS DW&P
Louisburg   KS
  511 acres                                          Last Update    7 /13/2004

  Lovewell Reservoir        Bureau of Reclamation   BOR


  KS Dept.  Wildlife & Parks

  Lovewell Area Office, State Park & Wildlife Area
RR 1, Box 66A

  Weber   KS  66970

    Lovewell Reservoir is just inside the Kansas border from Superior,

    Nebraska.  The Reservoir has become an attractive site for wildlife. It attracts large numbers of migrating waterfowl in spring and fall. The adjacent woodlands harbor songbirds.

Lovewell SP  State Park                                     KS DW&P
785 753-4971
Rt 1 Box 66A
Webber  KS     66970
Last Update    3 /28/2004

  Lovewell WA  Wildlife Area                  KS DW&P
Mankato     KS
  5215 acres                                           Last Update    7 /13/2004


  Lyon SFL  WA  Wildlife Area                       KS DW&P
Reading   KS
562 acres                                     Last Update    7 /13/2004



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