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Progress!  We've found an Internet address for over  95% of al the State and National Parks, and most state forests and wildlife areas,  and we're adding address and contact information daily.  We're working to add  more statue and national Forests, Preserves, and Wildlife Management information (and other federal lands, like BLM and Corps of Engineers)  Details for each park remain in the future.  If you know about a property, we'll consider adding your description of up to 50 words.  We're unable to pay for this, but will gladly give authorship credit. Just drop us an e-mail.  And please, we always want to know if we've provided incorrect information, so let us know..  

Parks - Louisiana Index, to Audubon

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Audubon SHS                                                                   LA SP
Bayou Senette SP
                                                              LA SP
Cane River Creole NHP
                                 Natchez              NPS
Cane River NHA
                                         Natichitoches        NPS
Creek Lake SP                                                          LA SP
SHS                                                                  LA SP
Chemin-A-Haut SP
                                                              LA SP
Chicot SP
                                                                         LA SP
Cypremort Point SP
                                                             LA SP
Fairview-Riverside SP
                                                         LA SP
Fontainebleau SP
                                                               LA SP
Fort Jesup SHS
                                                                 LA SP
Fort Pike
SHS                                                                    LA SP
Fort St Jean Baptiste SHS
                                                     LA SP
Isle SP                                                                    LA SP
Jean Lafitte
NHP                                        New Orleans        NPS
Lake Bistineau SP
                                                               LA SP
Lake Bruin SP
                                                                   LA SP
Lake Claiborne SP
                                                              LA SP
Lake D'Arbonne SP
                                                             LA SP
Lake Fausse Point SP
                                                          LA SP
Locust Grove
SHS                                                              LA SP
SHS                                                   LA SP
Los Adaes
SHS                                                                 LA SP
Louisiana Office of Forestry
                                                  LA A&F
Louisiana Office of Wildlife & Fisheries
                                      LA W&F
Louisiana State Parks
                                                          LA SP
Mansfield SHS
                                                                   LA SP
SHS                                                                  LA SP
New Orleans Jazz NHP
                                New Orleans        NPS
North Toledo Bend SP
                                                          LA SP
Plaquemine Lock
SHS                                                          LA SP
Hudson SHS                                                               LA SP
Poverty Point NM
                                        Epps                  NPS
Poverty Point Reservoir SP
                                                    LA SP
Poverty Point
SHS                                                              LA SP
SHS                                                                       LA SP
Rosedown Plantation
SHS                                                     LA SP
Sam Houston Jones SP
                                                        LA SP
St Bernard SP
                                                                   LA SP
Tickfaw SP
                                                                      LA SP
Winter Quarters
SHS                                                 LA SP



Beyond the Newsstand

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  Acadian Thruway Park  County Park   Agency:  BREC

  205 272-9200

  North Acadian Thruway

  Baton Rouge  LA

  Notes  playground, picnic  .64 acres   Last Update  3 /21/2007

  Alligator Park  County Park    Calcasieu Parish Parks
337 743-6339       800 542-7623
5316 Alligator Park Road
Starks  LA
Notes  boat launch, campground    Last Update  10/19/2006

  Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System     US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE
e-mail  337-585-0853
New Orleans District

  112 Speck Lane

  Port Barre  LA  70577

    The project encompasses 595,000 acres of the largest contiguous

    tract of bottomland hardwoods in the United States.  The

    Atchafalaya Basin is a scenic semi-wilderness area of hardwood  

    forests, cypress stands, marshes and bayous.


  Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge      Fish and Wildlife Service FWS


  P.O. Box 127
  Krotz Springs   LA        0750

    Atchafalaya NWR, about 30 miles west of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

     and one mile east of Krotz Springs, Louisiana lies just east of the

    Atchafalaya River.


  Audubon SHS  State Historic Site     LA SP
e-mail  225 635-3739              888 677-2838
LA 965
PO Box 546
St Francisville   LA     70775
Oakley house where bird artist Audubon lived briefly, plantation           100 acres
Last Update     3 /4 /2004

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