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Progress!  We've found an Internet address for over  95% of al the State and National Parks, and most state forests and wildlife areas,  and we're adding address and contact information daily.  We're working to add  more statue and national Forests, Preserves, and Wildlife Management information (and other federal lands, like BLM and Corps of Engineers)  Details for each park remain in the future.  If you know about a property, we'll consider adding your description of up to 50 words.  We're unable to pay for this, but will gladly give authorship credit. Just drop us an e-mail.  And please, we always want to know if we've provided incorrect information, so let us know..  

Parks Maryland St Clements - Wye

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  St Clement's Island SP  State Park                   MD DNR
301 872-5688
Bayview Road
c/o Point Lookout SP Scotland MD
Colton's Point     MD
   Scotland  MD 20687
On March 25, 1634, the first English settlers under the Baltimore proprietorship sailed to St. Clement's Island on the Ark and the  Dove (the Maryland Dove is seen to the right).  40 acre park
ast Update
     4 /7 /2004

  St Mary's River SP  State Park
301 872-5688
Scotland   MD 20687
MD Rt 5, Camp Cosoma Road 
c/o Point Lookout SP Scotland MD
Great Mills      MD
Situated at the northern end of the St. Mary's River watershed, the park shows a wide range of habitats, from wooded acres and fields to swamps and small streams. With such a diversity, you can also find many different types of plant and animal species.
 Last Update     9 /9 /2004

  Strider WMA  Wildlife Management Area             MD DNR
410 356-9272
Clopper Road
c/o GwynnBrook Work Center
Gaithersburg    MD
  250 acres
Last Update    4 /10/2004 

  Susquehanna SP  State Park                        Maryland DNR
410 557-7994
Jarrettsville MD 21084
Rt 155
c/o Rocks SP
Havre de Grace       MD
Located along the Susquehanna River valley with its heavy forest  cover and massive rock outcroppings, Susquehanna State Park  offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities as well as historical significance.
Last Update    9/9/2004

  Swallow Falls SP  State Park                       Maryland DNR
301 387-6938
Swalow Falls Road
Oakland MD 21550
This mountain park is located nine miles north of Oakland,  Maryland contains some of Maryland's most breathtaking scenery. The Youghiogheny River flows along the park's borders, passing through shaded rocky gorges and creating rippling rapids. Muddy Creek
Last Update    9 /9/2004

  Thomas Stone National Historic Site      National Park Service     NPS  e-mail


  6655 Rosehill Rd

  Port Tobacco   MD 20677

    The story of Thomas Stone is not just the story of man who signed  the Declaration of Independence. It is about a peace loving man,  who only after realizing he had no further options for peace, pledged his life, fortune, and sacred honor toward the vision

  Tuckahoe SP  State Park                        Maryland DNR
410 820-1668
13070 Crouse Mill Road
Queen Anne   MD 21657
Tuckahoe Creek, a quiet country stream bordered for most of its length by wooded marshlands, runs through the length of the park. A 60-acre lake offers boating and fishing. The Adkins Arboretum encompasses 500 acres of park land
  Last Update    9/9/2004

  Washington Monument SP  State Park        Maryland DNR
301 791-4767
Alternate Route 40
c/o Greenbrier SP
Boonsboro  MD 21713
In Washington County, four miles east of Boonsboro and 1 1/2  miles north of Alternate Route 40 on Monument Road, Washington Monument State Park is named for the first monument in the country erected to the "father of our country," George Washington.
  Last Update    9/9/2004

  Wye Island NRMA  Natural Resources Management Area      Maryland DNR
410 827-7577
632 Wye Island Road
  Queenstown   MD 21658
Wye Island NRMA is located in the tidal recesses of the  Chesapeake Bay between the Wye River and the Wye East River. Of Wye Island's 2,800 acres, 2,450 are managed by the Department of Natural Resources State Forest and Park Service
Last Update    9/9/2004

  Wye Oak SP  State Park                      Maryland DNR
410 820-1668

  Queen Anne   MD 21657

    The Wye Oak, Maryland's State Tree and the largest White Oak in the United States, toppled June 6, 2002 during a thunderstorm in the village of Wye in Talbot County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Believed to be more than 460 years old
  Last Update    9/9/2004



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