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Parks Montana National Bison - Pishkun

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  National Bison Range   Fish and Wildlife Service FWS



  132 Bison Range Rd.                                          

  Moiese MT  59824

    The National Bison Range is a diverse ecosystem of grasslands,

    Douglas fir and ponderosa pine forests, riparian areas and ponds. 

    The National Bison Range is one of the last government owned

    palouse prairie native grasslands in the U.S.    

  National Bison Range National Wildlife Refuge    Fish and Wildlife Service FWS



  132 Bison Range Road

  Moiese   MT  59824

    Established in 1908, the National Bison Range is one of the oldest

     wildlife refuges in the nation.  It was established with the first

    Congressional appropriations ever made for the purchase of lands

    for a wildlife refuge.

  Nelson Reservoir          Bureau of Reclamation   BOR


  Montana Area Office

  P.O. Box 30137  
2900 4th Ave. N.

  Billings   MT  59107

    The Nelson Reservoir, a feature of the Milk

    River Project, is located 19 miles northeast of Malta, Montana


  Northwest Montana Wetland Management District           Fish and Wildlife Service FWS



  132 Bison Range Road

  Moiese  MT  59824

    The Northwest Montana Wetland Management District (WMD),

    established in 1970, is located throughout Lake and Flathead

    counties in northwestern Montana.  The District consists of 14  

    Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) and the Conservation

    Easement Program.

 Painted Rocks SP  State Park                       MT FW&P
406 542-5500
Route 473
c/o 3201 Spurgin Road, Missoula
Hamilton   MT
Last Update    4 /21/2004

 Parker Homestead SP  State Park             MT FW&P
406 287-3541
Montana 2
c/o Lewis & Clark Caverns SP
Three Forks       MT
1 acre
  Last Update    4 /21/2004

  Pictograph Cave SP  State Park           MT FW&P
406 247-2940
2300 Lake Elmo Drive
Billings   MT     59105
Last Update    4 /21/2004

  Pirogue Island SP  State Park                       MT FW&P
406 232-0900
Kinsey Road
PO Box 1630
Miles City   MT     59301
  Last Update    4 /21/2004

  Pishkun Reservoir         Bureau of Reclamation   BOR


  Capitol Station

  Helena    MT  59620
  Pishkun Dikes and Reservoir are part of the Sun

    River Project.  The Reservoir is an offstream storage reservoir,



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