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Parks North Dakota Schnell Ranch - Valley City

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Schnell Ranch Recreation Area Bureau of Land Management       BLM



  2933 Third Avenue West

  Dickinson  ND  58601

    The area is a 2,000-acre native prairie and woody draw that has

    been set aside for wildlife habitat, environmental education, and

    outdoor recreation. 


  Shelvers Grove State Recreation Area 
North Dakota State Parks and Recreation Department      NDPRD  e-mail


  152 Duncan Drive

  Devils Lake  ND   58301

    Shelvers Grove State Recreation Area is a popular overnight

    camping spot for motorists traveling across northern North Dakota

    on U.S. Highway 2. The area has campsites with electrical  

    hookups and modern comfort station, picnic shelters and a




  Sully Creek State Recreation Area 
North Dakota State Parks and Recreation Department      NDPRD



  4480 Fort Lincoln Road

  Care of Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park

  Mandan   ND  58554

    Located in the heart of the North Dakota badlands, Sully Creek is

    just minutes away from the historic town of Medora and Theodore

    Roosevelt National Park. In the early spring, canoeing the Little

    Missouri River is a popular activity.


  Sullys Hill National Game Preserve National Wildlife   
Fish and Wildlife Service  FWS  e-mail

  221 2nd Street West

  Devils Lake ND  58301

    The vision of Sullys Hill National Game Preserve (NGP) is for broad

     community support to protect and manage big game, migratory

    birds, and other wildlife resources and their associated prairie and

    woodland habitats.


  Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge         Fish and Wildlife Service FWS  e-mail


  9754 143 Ave. S.E.

  Cayuga  ND  58013

    Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in

    southeastern North Dakota along the western edge of the northern

    tallgrass prairie.  The Wild Rice River flows through the Refuge and

     then through Lake Tewaukon. 


  Theodore Roosevelt National Park          National Park Service     NPS  e-mail
  701 623-4466

  South Unit Information 

  Box 7

  Medora   ND  58645-0007

    "I never would have been President if it had not been for my

    experiences in North Dakota," Theodore Roosevelt once remarked.

    Roosevelt first came to the badlands in September 1883 on a

    hunting trip. While here he became interested in the cattle business 


  Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness  WILD



  College of Forestry and Conservation, Wilderness Institute

  The University of Montana

  Missoula    MT  59812

    The Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness now contains a total of

    29,920 acres and is managed by the National Park Service. All of

    the wilderness is in the state of North Dakota

  Turtle River State Park
North Dakota State Parks and Recreation Department      NDPRD  e-mail


  3084 Park Avenue

  Arvilla  ND  58214

    Constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, this

    park is located in a wooded valley along the meandering Turtle

    River. The park features year-round recreational activities, including

     camping, picnicking, hiking, mountain biking,


  Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge     Fish and Wildlife Service FWS  e-mail

  17701 212th Ave NW

  Berthold  ND  58718

    Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), located 30 miles

    northwest of Minot, was established in 1935 as a refuge and

    breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife.  The Refuge  

    straddles 35 miles of the picturesque Souris River Valley


  Valley City National Fish Hatchery         Fish and Wildlife Service FWS  e-mail

  (701) 845-3414

  11515 River Road
  Valley City  ND   58072

    The Valley City National Fish Hatchery (NFH) is one of two federal

    fish hatcheries in North Dakota.  As part of the U.S. Fish and

    Wildlife Service mission to protect wildlife habitat and provide  

    wildlife-oriented recreational opportunities on Service land


  Valley City Wetland Management District           Fish and Wildlife Service FWS


  11515 River Road

  Valley City  ND  58072

    Valley City Wetland Management District (WMD) was established

    in 1971 to manage, restore, and protect habitat on public and

    private lands for all wildlife and for the use and enjoyment of all   




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