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Parks Oklahoma Eufaula Lake - Fountainhead

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 Eufaula Lake    US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE


  RT 4 BOX 5500

  STIGLER  OK 74462-9440

    One of the largest Corps lakes.  Outlaw Belle Starr lived near here

    in the turbulent days between the 1830's and the Civil War.  Visit

    the web site for more information about this and other Tulsa  

    District lakes.

  Fort Cobb Lake SP  State Park                  OK SP
405 643-2249
6 miles north
PO Box 297
Fort Cobb     OK    73038
  1872 acres
Last Update     5 /3 /2004

  Fort Cobb Reservoir      Bureau of Reclamation   BOR


  Ft. Cobb State Park

  P.O. Box 297

  Ft. Cobb  OK 73005


     Cobb Dam and Reservoir, Washita OK

    Basin Project,  are on Pond (Cobb) Creek, a tributary of the

    Washita River in Caddo County, Oklahoma

  Fort Gibson Lake          US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE


  ROUTE 1, BOX 3900  

  FORT GIBSON  OK 74434-0370

    The Fort Gibson Stockade, a restored frontier fort is located near

    the lake.  Fort Gibson is the oldest town in Oklahoma.  Visit the

    web site for more information about this and other Tulsa District  


  Fort Supply Lake          US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE


  PO BOX 248     

  FORT SUPPLY  OK 73841-0248

    Some original buildings from Fort Supply, used as a base by Lt.

    Col. George Custer's 7th Cavalry, are located nearby. Visit the web

     site for more information about this and other Tulsa District lakes.

  Foss SP  State Park              OK SP
580 592-4433
SH 44
HC 66, Box 111
Foss  OK    73647
  1749 acres
Last Update     5 /3 /2004

  Foss Reservoir Bureau of Reclamation   BOR


  Foss Lake State Park     HC 66, Box 111

  Foss OK 73647
  Foss  Dam and Reservoir, on the Washita River in Custer County,  

    provide regulation of the river flows and municipal and industrial

    water supplies for several cities in Oklahoma.

  Fountainhead SP  State Park              OK SP
918 689-5311
SH 150
HC 60, Box 1340
Checotah     OK    74426
  2852 acres
Last Update     5 /3 /2004




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