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Progress!  We've found an Internet address for over  95% of al the State and National Parks, and most state forests and wildlife areas,  and we're adding address and contact information daily.  We're working to add  more statue and national Forests, Preserves, and Wildlife Management information (and other federal lands, like BLM and Corps of Engineers)  Details for each park remain in the future.  If you know about a property, we'll consider adding your description of up to 50 words.  We're unable to pay for this, but will gladly give authorship credit. Just drop us an e-mail.  And please, we always want to know if we've provided incorrect information, so let us know.  

Parks South Carolina Musgrove Mill - Rose Hill Plantation

  South Carolina ParksSC Index, to Croft, Devils - Woods  


  Musgrove Mill SHS  State Historic Site       SC SP
864 938-0100
398 State Park Rd
Clinton  SC   29325
  Last Update     5 /3 /2004

  Myrtle Beach SP  State Park                        SC SP
843 238-5325
4401 South Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach  SC    29575
  Last Update    6 /19/2004

  Ninety Six National Historic Site        National Park Service     NPS

  e-mail  864 543-4068

  Post Office Box 496

  Ninety Six  SC  29666

    The Ninety Six National Historic Site is an area of unique historical significance. The unusual name was given by early traders in the 1700's because they mistakenly believed it was the estimated number of miles to the Cherokee village of Keowee

  North Inlet -Winyah Bay Reserve         National Ocean Service  NOS

  e-mail   843-546-3623

  North Inlet -Winyah Bay Reserve

   University of South Carolina, Baruch Marine Field

   Georgetown  SC  29442

    The reserve features the salt marshes and ocean dominated tidal creeks of the North Inlet Estuary plus the brackish waters and marshes of the adjacent Winyah Bay Estuary. North Inlet is a relatively pristine system

  Oconee SP  State Park             SC SP  864 638-5353
624 State Park Rd
Mountain Rest  SC   29664
  Last Update   6 /21/2004

  Oconee Station SHS  State Historic Site             SC SP  864 638-0079
500 Oconee Station Rd
Walhalla  SC  29691
  Last Update     5 /3 /2004

  Orangeburg National Fish Hatchery        Fish and Wildlife Service FWS

  e-mail  (803) 534-4828

  P.O. Box 410

  Orangeburg SC  29487

    The Orangeburg National Fish Hatchery was established in 1911.  Our mission is to provide statutory mitigation and restoration fish (striped bass) for Federal water projects in South Carolina and Southeast region

  Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail   National Park Service     NPS  864 936-3477

  2635 Park Road

  Blacksburg  SC  29702

    The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail (OVNHT)  commemorates the campaign leading to the battle of Kings Mountain by following the Revolutionary War route of Patriot militia men

  Paris Mountain SP  State Park               SC SP  864 244-5565
2401 State Park Rd
Greenville  SC   29609
  1275 acres                                 Last Update    6 /21/2004

  Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge   Fish and Wildlife Service FWS

  e-mail  912-652-4415

  Administrative Office - 1000 Business Center Drive

  Suite 10 - Savannah, GA   31405

  Pinckney Island  SC

    Pinckney Island NWR, established December 4, 1975, was once  included in the plantation of Major General Charles Cotesworth  Pinckney, a prominent lawyer active in South Carolina politics from

     1801 to 1815.

  Poinsett SP  State Park                  SC SP  803 494-8177
6660 Poinsett Park Rd
Wedgefield SC   29168
1000 acres

  Redcliffe Plantation SHS  State Historic Site            SC SP  803 827-1473
181 Redcliffe Road
Beech Island SC   29842
Last Update     5 /9 /2004

  Rivers Bridge SHS  State Historic Site            SC SP  803 267-3675
325 State Park Rd
Erhardt  SC   29081
  Last Update    5 /9 /2004

  Rose Hill Plantation SHS  State Historic Site     SC SP  864 427-5966
2677 Sardis Rd
Union  SC   29379
  Last Update    5 /9 /2004



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