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Progress!  We've found an Internet address for over  95% of al the State and National Parks, and most state forests and wildlife areas,  and we're adding address and contact information daily.  We're working to add  more statue and national Forests, Preserves, and Wildlife Management information (and other federal lands, like BLM and Corps of Engineers)  Details for each park remain in the future.  If you know about a property, we'll consider adding your description of up to 50 words.  We're unable to pay for this, but will gladly give authorship credit. Just drop us an e-mail.  And please, we always want to know if we've provided incorrect information, so let us know.  

Parks Vermont Maidstone - Ricker Pond

  Vermont Parks:  VT Index, to Button Bay, Camp - Woods  


  Maidstone SP  State Park                           VT SP
802 676-3930                       800 VERMONT
R1, Box 388
Guildhall    VT     05905
  Last Update    5 /19/2004

  Marsh - Billings -Rockefeller NHP          National Historic Park           NPS
e-mail   802 457-3368
54 Elm Street
  Woodstock    VT   05091
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park is the only national park to focus on conservation history and the evolving nature of land stewardship in America. Opened in June 1998, Vermont's first national park

  Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge        Fish and Wildlife Service FWS



  371 North River Street

  Swanton VT  05488 8148

    Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1943, is

    located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain near the Canadian

     border in Franklin County, Vermont.  This 6,642-acre refuge

    includes most of the Missisquoi River delta

 Molly Stark SP  State Park                  VT SP
802 464-5460                 800 VERMONT
705 Route 9 East
Wilmington      VT     05363
  Last Update     6 /5 /2004

  Mt Philio  SP  State Park                            VT SP
802 425-2390                      800 VERMONT
5425 Mt Philo Rd
Charlotte   VT     05445
  Last Update     6 /5 /2004

  New Discovery/Kettle Pond SP  State Park                  VT SP
802 426-3042                             800 VERMONT
4239 VT Rt 232
Marshfield  VT     05658

  North Hartland Lake      US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE



  PO BOX 55

  North Hartland  VT  05052-0055

    At the upper end of the reservoir, the Ottauquechee River flows

    through the sheer-faced 165-ft deep Quechee Gorge, one of the

    outstanding natural spectacles in the state.  An overlook area and VT

    a state-managed campground as well as a new Visitor Center bei


  North Springfield Lake   US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE



  SPRINGFIELD   VT  05156-2210

    The 100-acre lake and 65-acre Stoughton Pond offer excellent

    warm-water fishing (small boats only).  A small park on Stoughton

    Pond has a beach and picnic area.  Reservoir lands are open for  

    hunting and smowmobiling.

  North Hero SP  State Park      VT SP
802 372-8727
3803 Lakeview Dr
North Hero    VT     05474
  Last Update     6 /7 /2004

  Peru Peak Wilderness  WILD



  College of Forestry and Conservation, Wilderness Institute

  The University of Montana

  Missoula    MT  59812

    The Peru Peak Wilderness now contains a total of 6,920

    acres and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. All of the

    wilderness is in the state of Vermont.

  Pittsford National Fish Hatchery Fish and Wildlife Service FWS


  (802) 483-6618

  4 Holden Road

  North Chittenden  VT  05763

    The Pittsford National Fish Hatchery (NFH) opened in 1909 for the

    production of salmonids (trout, char, and salmon). From 1925-1940

     it was an experimental station, raising California golden trout, cut

    throat trout, rainbow trout, brown trout

  Queechee SP  State Park                 VT SP
802 295-2990
764 Dewey Mills Road
White River Junction  VT     05001

  Ricker Pond SP  State Park          VT SP
802 584-3821
526 State Forest Rd
Groton  VT     05046
  Last Update     6 /7 /2004



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