After two years of trying, we now understand why there are thousands of unused calendars on web sites.  The time it takes to locate, edit, post, and remove old events is simply prohibitive.  So, we've added one of the best on-line calendar services, and invite you to have at it.  Post-it-yourself.  Please see below for The Rules.  We have two other resources for you.  Our County Fair finder lists over 2200 state and county fairs.  And our  Festival guide features over 800 annual events, and is growing daily.  We list the name, location, type of festival, month when the event is usually held, and  local contact information so you can get the specifics.  This way, we can focus on finding and posting events, not on maintaining an ever-changing list.
The Rules
1.  Anyone can post an event
2.  Once you create an event, we'll get an e-mail from the calendar hosting company, review your post, and make it available to the public. This is not an instant process, and may indeed take 24 hours or more.
3.  EVEN THOUGH THE ADD EVENT FORM DOES NOT STATE IT, CONTACT INFORMATION IN THE FORM OF A PHONE NUMBER, e-MAIL, OR WEB ADDRESS IS REQUIRED IN THE "DESCRIPTION"  BOX BEFORE WE WILL POST AN EVENT PUBLICLY.  We just don't have the resources to track this stuff down or respond to public inquiries.  You do want people to be able to track down your event so they'll be more likely to attend, right? 
4.  The reason we do this is because we reserve the right to reject unsuitable or inappropriate postings, at our sole discretion.  We are a family oriented site, so events focused on drinking alcohol or bar-type activities
(yes, someone once tried to get us to post a dwarf-tossing event) , will not be accepted, nor will business or self-help events.  Adult oriented events such as gallery, museum, theatre or even community events are fine.
5.  We reserve the right to edit content (usually  just for clarity), but we cannot edit you material prior to posting.  (In other words, we won't rewrite your press releases to our format)
6.  We offer a discussion board for your use.  Our host, requires anyone wishing to post to the discussion board to register as a member.  The same suitability rules apply
We believe this can be an extremely important resource for individuals to locate events and for institutions and community groups to publicize them, but we can't do it without your help. 

Bob Riley



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